Jonathan Lam

EE/CS @ The Cooper Union


I am a CS tutor and MATLAB instructor. Come to me with questions about MATLAB seminar, CS102, ECE160, DSA I/II, AI, OS, any of the machine learning classes, compilers, etc.

(May also be able to do some math or general EE tutoring in a pinch.)

Contact (email or Teams chat) or FB Messenger


I will most likely be available for tutoring in-person at these times. Of course, the larger the advance, the more likely I'll be available. If these hours don't work, feel free to email or contact Brian Chung, the other CS tutor. In-person meetings will generally be in in the ICE lab (NAB 603).

On the weekends and outside of these hours, I may be available for in-person or virtual. Feel free to contact me throught the channels listed above!

Tuesday--- busy ---


Been coding for a long time. Trying to indoctrinate people (for almost as long) in Linux, ViM/Emacs, and Lisp. I live in Emacs for much of the day.

My primary academic interest are the space of programming languages, compilers, and operating systems. I am currently pursuing a M.Eng. in programming education. Need subjects for observation. (Only somewhat joking.)


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