Jonathan Lam

Core Developer @ Hudson River Trading

Hi! I work on the Core Markets Team at HRT. This means we care a lot about correctness and speed (in that order). We work a lot with Linux and fuss over computer architecture.

In the past few years I've mostly been interested in low-level performance work, programming language theory (PLT), and programming education. Before that, I used to do a lot of freelance web development work. I am also a cat person who likes Studio Ghibli, and a hoarder of rarish hobbies.

Hi! I was affected by the recent mass layoffs at Google and am currently looking for work opportunities in the greater NYC region. My primary interests and experience lie in operating systems/embedded systems, compilers, and deep learning.

Hi! I currently work on performance work for the Pixel TPU Runtime Team at Google Silicon, based out of Mountain View.

Hi! I'm a student and software developer based in the NYC region. Currently pursuing a B.Eng. and M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a primary interest in the theory of programming languages and their implementation (compilers), followed closely by operating/distributed systems.

Recently joined the FPLab@UMich, where I'm excited to work on Hazel. Currently employed at the Cooper Union as a computer center student operator, CS tutor, and MATLAB instructor. Recently interned at MathWorks and Cigna for SWE.

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