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New TypeRacer record: 163wpm

On 4/20/2021, 8:56:01 AM

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I am quite excited by this! It was an easy quote, but I have raced many other easy quotes and messed up!

Link to race.

Screenshot of best race

Also first time reaching #3 on leaderboard! (Even if only for a few minutes)

Screenshot of leaderboard

This is a plot of my race history (generated from a python script using bs4 to scrape and matplotlib for plotting). The x-axis is number of races, not time, which is perhaps not the most intuitive. The 158wpm spike around 3800 races was from last May, a record I only managed to beat with a 159wpm race last month. I thought I couldn't break 160 for the longest time.

(Click on the image to see it in full size)

History of typeracer scores

Now got to work on not quitting as many races as I do...

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