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On 12/18/2021, 9:43:53 PM

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School's over, and it's almost Christmas!

My mind is in a haze. There's still too much information to process. So many things happened this semester, and I've thought so many thoughts that are not nailed down anywhere -- with time, they will fade, so I feel that I must write.

My goal for this winter break are three things: work on my Master's thesis, write a lot (and maybe read a lot as well), and exercise. Notably, I'm trying my best to keep away from starting new projects, because then they'll end up getting lost in this slowly dissolving brain soup.

The first thing to do is to talk about some of the things (projects, work, hobbies, and other shenanigans) that went on this semester; I'll cover this in the next post. Then to fill in the placeholder posts1. Then to get writing on all the other tidbits of thought this semester.

The other exciting thing is that I had some other students come up to me and start the conversation with "Hey Jon, I looked at your blog and was intrigued by x post." It makes me very happy if people read this and get something out of it! It's made me consider adding a comments section (e.g., using Disqus) to encourage discussion, but (as previously mentioned) I don't want to start something new this break. That being said, popularity or attention is not my primary goal, but rather to iron out a lot of my thoughts through the process of writing.



1. At the moment, there are six placeholder posts: "The art of being direct," "Emacs-centric," "Intentional programming for programming education," "First thoughts on program analysis," "Falling in love with Haskell," and "VEIKK v3 driver notes (again)"

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