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Group project pet peeves

On Sun May 02 2021 11:28:35 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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This is a rant post, similar to the previous one I had on the old blog about certain opinions about code style. This post is more particular to pet peeves when working in a group, which has become many times more relevant in the past year for me1.

This will probably just sound stiff and never fall onto the right ears, but I wanted to have it written down somewhere. It's possible that I need to get better at group management or conflict resolution skills.

It's also important to qualify these statements: these of course don't occur with every group project and group partner I've worked with, but it's shocking how often this does happen. And most of the offences are alright every now and then, especially when you know it's out of character for a groupmate; but when it's a common problem, and especially if I try to mention it once or twice -- that's when it becomes a pet peeve.

1. Two major reasons: 1) It's junior year, which means many more elective, project-based courses; and 2) with the pandemic, we've shifted away from assessment-based courses to project-based courses.

2. GitHub insights/contributions/blame

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